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History of the Civil Air Patrol

       Civil Air Patrol has been the unsung heroes and has worked quietly over the years in defending our shores from the enemy in World War II, first ones in the air over ground zero after 9/11. In World War II our comrades defended our convoys leaving the U.S. ports on the eastern seaboard to go to Europe. In 1942 A New Jersey Unit was called in from a report of a Nazi U-Boat was 10 miles off of Long Island, NY waiting for a supply convoy and sink them that wasn't the case. The unit scrambled their Piper Aircraft into the air loaded with depth chargers and destroyed the Nazi U-Boat.

     As the war came to a close in 1945 after the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, President Harry S. Truman signed into law that the Civil Air Patrol Is to be demilitarized and become an Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. After the signing into law our mission is now Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, and Search and Rescue. 

Civil Air Patrol's role in the 21st Century

     It was a quiet September morning in 2001 a day just like any other day. Parents, getting their children ready and out the door for school, getting ready for work. Soldiers doing Physical Fitness Training and grabbing something to eat from the mess hall. The president at the local school in Florida, getting ready to visit children and read to them in class. Then... terror struck. Four commercial aircraft were hijacked and all had one mission to accomplish to kill. One aircraft slammed into the ground in PA by the heroics of passengers, two were slammed into the World Trade Center. One destroyed the Army wing at the Pentagon. that day was indeed a day that will live infamy. As the smoke was clearing and the dust was settling. out came volunteers of the Civil Air Patrol. First to hit the skies, the first to assist the NYPD, NYFD, and other Federal, State, and Local Law enforcement and disaster relief agencies. Just this early November 2012, the Eastern seaboard was ravaged by Superstorm "Sandy" and the Great Lakes Region was called to duty to help with Operation: Looking Glass. We are here....We are....The Civil Air Patrol.

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